The EKTA light-emitting diode lamps – safety on the road

EKTA_LED_EXPOThe Ukrainian EKTA company, is known first of all for the decisions in the field of high-technology LED screens and professional lamps, represents new developments in the field of traffic safety. At the LED Expo 2016 exhibition there will take place the presentation of modular systems of lighting of crosswalks. The main difference of the corporate decision in comparison with numerous analogs – application of asymmetrical charts of a svetoraspredeleniye. It ensures safety of pedestrians due to high contrast of direct illumination and smooth lowering of contrast on removal from an active zone of transition. Illumination parameters at the same time conform to requirements of the operating updated state construction regulations (DBN) of Ukraine.

The modular design of lamps allows to equip above-ground crossings of various configuration. Besides, it is possible to build in the EKTA systems optionally the block of autonomous power food, the video recorder, the equipment of communication with dispatch centers or other necessary equipment. Reliability of decisions guarantees service division which works in the mode 24/7, and also the preliminary certified quality control on production.

Professional opinion

Within the conference LED Progress, devoted to urgent tendencies of the LED market, the product manager of the EKTA company Maxim Maslov will act. The report touches upon a hot topic – quality the lamps which are purchased on a tender basis is how important.

“Today the market is overflowed with the lighting equipment which doesn’t correspond to the existing regulatory base. As a result municipal and commercial consumers receive a product which considerably lags behind the European requirements though in process of integration into Evroprostranstvo a certain quality level and safety of LED street lighting will become obligatory. Such situation will inevitably result in need of the next upgrade of city and road and main lighting, so to excess expenditure”, – M. Maslov explains.

As a result of the deep analysis of current situation the expert has developed a number of decisions which will submit to listeners during the performance.

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