The Ukraine’s first exhibition of LED solutions – LED EXPO is opened

On September 10, 2014 years official opening of the first exhibition of LED solutions took place. The leading companies of this branch, and also authorities called the exhibition a historical event for LED technologies in Ukraine and good opportunity for the country to promote energy efficiency development.
Despite of a difficult situation in Ukraine, the exhibition and the Business Forum on LED lighting caused a great interest among participants, and also visitors. The agiotage from visit and interest for a highly specialized exhibition surpassed all expectations of organizers and exhibitors.

LED Expo открытие

Vladimir Groysman, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine : “Ukraine endures difficult probations, including in the power sphere today. But any difficulties only temper and do our country stronger. Yes, the Government of Ukraine introduces a powerful complex of actions for energy saving and energy efficiency which realization in general will allow to increase the level of power independence of our country and to strengthen its national security.
It is pleasant that in parallel with realization of the state initiatives in the sphere of energy saving, in Ukraine business and the public which the future of our country isn’t indifferent becomes more active. A striking example of such activity is the LED EXPO exhibition which submits the latest LED solutions which take the leading positions among energy saving methods. It is convinced, for participants of the market this action will become a kind sample in work”.

LED Expo открытие

Alexander Chaly, Ukrainian diplomat, president of the international consulting company “Grant Thornton” : “Today we have small, but historical event as for the first time light-emitting diodes are presented as an independent exhibition, and we give start to new exhibition branch – energy saving. As the president of the international consulting company, I with great pleasure participate in this exhibition as energy efficiency in all directions is a key task of modern Ukraine. It will help to reduce dependence on gas and foreign energy carriers”.

LED Expo открытие

Vadim Polyakovsky, Philips Lighting Ukraine company : “On the international statistics about 20% of consumption of all electric power in the world go for lighting. And if we are able to save at least a half of this energy, in Ukraine will be consumed the electric power 10% less, including thanks to LED technologies. By estimates of the Philips company in 2020 about 75% of all of the new established lighting equipment will be on the basis of light-emitting diodes. Therefore I hope that this exhibition will be the first big step in Ukraine on the way to that it came true”.

Sergey Pilipenko, Osram company : “We are grateful to organizers of LED EXPO for an initiative of holding the exhibition. And, despite scepticism of many, concerning representation of new light technologies during crisis in our country, I want to notice that LED technologies in the world develop, we want it or not. Nobody will wait until we pass hard times. Therefore we have to keep up to date”.

Sand animation at official opening of the LED Expo exhibition

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