Greeting of the vice-chairman of KSGA at the LED Expo 2017 exhibition

Plis Gennady Vladimirovich, first deputy chairman of KSGA

Is very pleasant to be at opening of the LED Expo exhibition. The exhibition takes place in Kyiv for the 3rd time, and demonstrates that LED technologies develop, draw our attention and we have to work on it. You and without me know advantages of LED technologies: long service life, bright light, energy saving, etc. For this reason the Kiev city public administration very persistently works on introduction of these technologies in the Kiev municipal economy and already we have results. Together with Institute of physics of semiconductors NAN of Ukraine we is already realized a number of very successful projects of LED lighting. About 4 000 lamps work at 5 metro stations of the Kiev subway, more than 3600 lamps work at all objects of the Kiev municipal economy. This lighting works at the Kiev polytechnical institute, at the Kiev national university and other objects.

All these lamps give considerable economy of the electric power in Kiev. For January 1, 2016 she has made 20 million kW of hours. We understand that we have to do it for our economy, for our children and for the future of the whole country. And all this assures us that really our economy, her power policy becomes more effective, more modern.

I would like to thank all participants of the LED Expo exhibition for the fact that they work in this direction and would like to assure you that we are ready not in words, and in practice to cooperate with you.

Our final purpose – considerable economy and improvement of an ecological situation to make our city worthy among other cities of Europe.

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