Participants comments

LED Expo Participans comments

Exhibition is target. It has gathered enough participants to feel the market. One may observe the tendency in increasing the number of the Ukrainian manufacturers increase. The conference is very powerful and correct. We had three important reports and they were so interesting that their printing versions are now being sent directly from the office. We are advancing the right way.
We are very happy that the exhibition took place again and has become a significant event in Ukraine. Thanks a lot to the organizers for that they do and give us the chance to show what we do. If to compare with the last year when it was possible to say that our society still at the beginning of the road to responsible consumption and effective use of resources, today, as it was confirmed by the exhibition, we are steadily moving along it. And that you do (the organizers) – it is a big and important business. It is natural that now the exposition isn't so large; the exhibition is young, highly specialized and the situation in the country, certainly, affects. We all understand it.
At the exhibitin we represent not only foreign companies products, not only services in a contract manufacturing or designing. We, in general, help to the business to grow, providing both innovative solutions and access to modern technologies. Therefore, it is possible to look at an exhibition from various angles:
1) it is a platform for meetings with already existing partners and we are interested in proliferation of participants since it will indicate the growth of the market on the whole;
2) opportunity to come into new contacts.
This year the LED Progress conference is much better, more thematic, more saturated . There were less casual visitors and more target ones. The people have already started to be interested more in details, but not simply came to look. It is a lusure to see that the level of today consumers grew many times. It is good.
Now the exhibition is vivacious as the interest grows to this subject. The organizers managed to gather a target audience, there were no unnecessary people. The organizers provided a good traffic of visitors. The LED Progress conference was very interesting. All the reports were informative. My report also was not advertizing. I imparted with my own experience.
We like the exhibition very much. In the first day many manufacturers came, it was thematic. We had a large-caliber visitor, the heads of the different directions of our company worked at the stand, and they even had no time to come off. The second day the representatives of assembly organizations of a smaller caliber came. In general the contingent was good, there were less casual people. We are sure to participate in the next exhibition. Also we liked to participate in conference.
It is a well-organized organized exhibition, especially considering that it was not everything all right with exhibitions lately, they weren't such informative. This year, in my opinion, the exhibition is rather interesting, there are a lot of novelties and new participants. About visitors: there are a lot of representatives of online stores, representatives of trade organizations, end-users. We are happy with results.
The result will be in a month or two. There are a lot of retail buyers. It would be desirable to see more representatives of our target audienc.
According to comments the exhibition in comparison with the previous one is much better. There was a great interest to our stand. There are a lot of dealers who want to cooperate and represent our products. We made new useful contacts.
We were at the exhibition in Moscow, it was more pompous, but yours is more professionalism. Though the exhibition was not big, but target audience was powerful. This year participation in LEDExpo is the most successful option from all the exhibitions. Next 3 years interest in LED production will grow.
The impression is good. Last year the exhibition was a bit raw. It was the time of crisis. This year there are a lot of representatives of commercial structures and municipal bodies, good contacts. So the whole week we will be engaged only processing of results.
Unexpectedly for us there was a big stream of clients. We position ourselves a little bit different relative to other participants. But the sizable interest to our company was shown. Now we will try to understand what this exhibition gave us.
We liked the exhibition. We wished it were of a larger scale. There are a lot of novelties.
There were many contacts at the exhibition, we even didn't expect it. We are very happy that made the decision to participate in the exhibition.
We participate the second time. The general tendency of the exhibition became better. You did well to hold such an exhibition.
Our target audience is presented at the exhibition. We enter with a technical product and it meets the exhibition themes. The results will be visible later, but the interest to us was shown. We can precisely tell that we participated not in vain. If one is interested it is 100% not in vain.
Every year the number of visitors and the products exhibited here increases. The subject is interesting, it is necessary to develop it further.
There were interested persons, there were those experts who might be our clients. Surely we plan to participate in the next exhibition.
This year there are much more visitors. We saw the target audience, there were final customers, there were companies which want to cooperate with us (we assemble component parts).
I am engaged in exhibitions already more than 10 years. I consider that this year, the exhibition LED Expo is not very big, but very vigorous. We even didn't expect. We had a lot of communications, many interested persons. Now it is time when everybody is interested in lighting. Also, I participated in conference, got acquainted with many experts with whom I will conduct further contacts.
It is more people than last year. Participation in the exhibition was the right decision.
It would be desirable to increase the number of participants and that the exhibition grows more intensively. We are also planning to participate next year .

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