Lagging Mouse In Windows 10 Solved

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Windows should reinstall a sound driver after the restart. If it doesn’t, however, click Action, then Scan for hardware changes in Device Manager to do so. Other likely causes for this error are that your PC’s audio device has either been disabled in Windows 11 or not been added as the message suggests. In which case, you might need to enable it via Settings or Device Manager options. The issue appears to be the wrong audio driver being installed, with fortunately only a small number of users affected.

  • It means there’s an issue with the PS4 accessing your system storage.
  • After making the changes, you will get the audio on your device.
  • Please check the discussion for this specific issue in order to get the latest updates on this matter, let us know if we can close this thread in order to avoid duplicate efforts.
  • Depending on where your mouse is plugged in it may cause erratic behavior.

In some cases, a failing charger or battery may also cause these kinds of problems. We explained this in detail in another blog post. Or if your laptop runs slow only when plugged in, read this blog. Click on Restore Default Settings For This Plan. Hit yes, and repeat this for all of the power plans. Open the Power Options window as shown above.

Failed To Load Dll File On Windows Computer

And reinstalling the correct Audio driver mostly fixes the problem for you. Again, sometimes incorrect sound configuration, audio connectivity, audio hardware failure, etc. cause no audio output device installed on your system. Sometimes this error “no audio output device is installed” occurs if the Windows Audio service not started or stopped responding. It’s better to check and Make sure windows audio and dependency services are running. Go to “Sound, video and game controllers” and right-click to uninstall any audio devices, especially external ones. It can be reinstalled after a restart, as Windows will prompt you to reinsert the audio drivers. As mentioned, the “no audio output device is installed in Windows 10” error happens due to a corrupted or outdated driver.

Update Your Graphics Driver

Instant Replay causes the graphics card to buffer and store the last few minutes of gameplay, so turning it off should free up resources. If the problem still persists, you can also try disabling AMD ReLive in the same menu. If you’re utilizing a gaming mouse, you might be able to change its polling rate with its dedicated settings software. So, open the settings app for your mouse if it failed to load steamui.dll has one. Then look for and reduce a Pooling Rate or Report Rate option to about 500Hz.

Install or update audio or speaker drivers. Sometimes, you can have the no audio output installed problem on windows 10 because of a Virus issue. Probably, the virus has corrupted the audio driver. That’s why windows can’t detect the sound device and operate it properly. It means there is no audio driver on the laptop. That’s is showing no audio device installed error.